Our contextual targeting and URL targeting ensure advertisers that the right ads are delivered to the right audience at the right time to significantly increase return on investment. You get:

  • Access to our quality publishers
  • Real – time online report and marketing results
  • Safe ads appearing on approved sites
  • maximum return on investment
  • priority on our latest advertising technology to maximize campaign         performance
  • Home of advertising, This system is         fully automated so signup to advertise on NNEWS. Use this system only to         advertise on NNEWS

Pre – Advertiser Signup Notes

After you have successfully registered as an Advertiser, you will from       now on have to use the login link to enter your account.

The first time you are logged-in, these are the following Tabs you will       see, however 1-3 are paused until you finish buying at Add Inventory.

      1. Statistics
        Advertiser at this point has no statistics
      2. Inventory
        Campaign – at this point, give your campaign a name, if you like the         default name, keep it. Until you make payment your campaign is paused
        Banners – Upload the banners for your campaign
        User Access – verify that your username and password are correct.
      3. My Account
        Verify the accuracy of your account
      4. Add Inventory
        After you have verified all of the above, select the type of your basic         inventories and Add Inventory. You Decide How Much You want To Spend On         Your Campaign
        You can always come back for a re-fill. You can spend as little as $4.00         for Basic Impressions (CPM) or as little as $0.40 for Basic         Click, the choice
        is yours. All payments are through PayPal. Once you make payment, your         campaign starts including the right to 1-3 above

            Click here       Advertisers Signup

If you are having any problem in understanding       the above, please send email to:             MICN SUPPORT